End Times: Hand-Picked for Jesus’ Team!

Alpha & Omega Study Chapter 5

Recorded February 16, 2017

Reviewing Chapter 4 then digging into the parables in Matthew 24 & 25, to learn what God expects of us while we wait for Christ’s return.

The greatest take-away from these chapters is the realization that you were hand-picked out of all of humanity, to be alive now, because Jesus wanted YOU to be on His team when He physically takes His role on the earth for the millennial kingdom. How can you prepare, what does He expect you to be doing while you wait for His return?

These classes are being streamed live on the Alpha and Omega Facebook page on Thursday nights from 7:15pm – 9:00pm Eastern for the spring 2017 semester. Join us live when you can.

Download or View the notes for this lesson (requires PDF viewer):



For more teaching with Mik on Matthew Chapters 24 & 25, visit the Stand and Wait site:

Matthew 24 & 25


Recommended Viewing:

This week, our class is taking a field trip to see “Is Genesis Real” in the theater. I highly recommend that you look this movie up and watch it with as many friends and family members as you can assemble.

Current events noteworthy news this week:

It’s important to get non-media perspectives on what is happening in Europe, because the media and the governments of countries like the UK, Germany and Sweden can’t be relied upon to give accurate information about the refugee crisis. This video was taken on the streets of London and is just a snapshot of what is going on.


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