Mapping: Jesus’ Timeline

Alpha & Omega Study Chapter 4

February 16, 2017

When people want to learn about the “end times,” often they think to begin with a study of Revelations. It’s more helpful to start with Jesus instead. In Matthew 24:3, the disciples asked Jesus about the end of the age, and the signs of His return, and Jesus talked for two chapters. This is the last real teaching moment recorded before the Upper Room and Judas’ betrayal, which makes this, from what we can tell, one of Jesus’ final instructions and information shared with His inner circle.

Some teachers will break these chapters into many small pieces, and can preach months worth of sermons on each little piece, but unless you read them as one answer to one basic question, you will miss the point entirely. Jesus gave as much information as He was allowed to give to help US understand the times WE live in, and his use of “time clue words” can help us understand where we are in this timeline, what to expect next, and approximately when to expect the rapture to occur.

In this chapter’s homework, you will look for these time clue words in Matthew 24, and see for yourself how very specific Jesus was, without giving away the Father’s exact strategy for the end of this age. Maybe you will be surprised at the order in which Jesus lays out these events. How do Jesus’ time clues line up with what you’ve always been taught, or previously understood?

We’ll be coming back to this chapter many times throughout the course of this study. We will review this together in the Chapter 5 video.

Download or View the notes for this lesson (requires PDF viewer):


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