God’s not afraid of science…He made it!

One reason young adults leave the church according to Barna Researchers:
Churches come across as antagonistic to science.

“One of the reasons young adults feel disconnected from church or from faith is the tension they feel between Christianity and science. The most common of the perceptions in this arena is “Christians are too confident they know all the answers” (35%). Three out of ten young adults with a Christian background feel that “churches are out of step with the scientific world we live in” (29%). Another one-quarter embrace the perception that “Christianity is anti-science” (25%). ***And nearly the same proportion (23%) said they have “been turned off by the creation-versus-evolution debate.” *** Furthermore, the research shows that many science-minded young Christians are struggling to find ways of staying faithful to their beliefs and to their professional calling in science-related industries.”

We don’t have to be anti-science at church. God created science – and every day scientific revelations are proving God’s word to be true in the fields of astronomy, paleontology, geology, anthropology, PHYSICS, agriculture, genetics, you name it.

My favorite is physics.

But of course, young people are going to be “turned off” by the creation/evolution debate – you get evolution 6 out of 7 days a week! You can stand firm on the Bible AND science and win this one.




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